2023 Poster Abstracts

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2023 Poster Session

Poster list to come April 2023

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Thursday, May 11
5:30 pm – 6:30 pm: Even-numbered posters
6:30 pm – 7:30 pm: Odd-numbered posters

Poster Abstracts

Poster Abstracts to come April 2023

If you’re having trouble with the link above, click here to download a copy.


Please refer to your poster number(s) (Page 36 in the Book of Abstracts) to set up your poster(s).

All posters must be set up from 4:30 – 5:30 pm on Thursday, May 11 at Wayne Gretzky B.
Posters must be removed by 9:30 pm on Thursday, May 11.


HQP posters will be judged by assigned participants at the Symposium. Winners from the poster competition will be awarded on Thursday, May 11.

Judging criteria are listed below:

Aesthetics (5 Points)

  • Visually appealing; color scheme enhances the presentation.
  • Coherent and logical presentation of information. Font sizes and styles are appropriate.
  • Figures, schemes, and tables integrated well and have captions.
  • Co-authors and funding agencies are identified. Poster is balanced overall with no large blank areas.

Project Work (20 Points)

  • Project builds upon existing knowledge; leading references cited.
  • Well-articulated hypothesis and research plan. Experiments and methodology are designed appropriately, with controls where applicable, and provide good quality data to support or refute the hypothesis.
  • Results are meaningful and analyzed appropriately.
  • Conclusions are supported by experimental data. Work is appropriate to the presenter’s education level and program year.

Oral Component (15 Points)

  • Presenter is articulate and speaks clearly.
  • Presentation is succinct and follows a logical progression.
  • Main points are addressed early on.
  • Responses to questions are accurate and supported by data.

Impact (10 Points)

  • Work is a significant advancement in the field. Project positioned within the context of a larger problem with a demonstrable need.
  • Poster content is accessible to both experts and non-experts.
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