2024 Keynote Speakers & Panelists

Keynote Speakers

Kiyoko Aoki-Kinoshita

Deputy Director Professor, Soka University
New data repositories to enrich the data in GlyCosmos

Yves Durocher

Associate Professor, University of Montreal, National Research Council Canada
Production of SARS-CoV-2 spike glycoprotein viral antigens in CHO cells as potent vaccine candidates

Brian Haab

Professor, Van Andel Institute
Atypical glycan profiles arising in cellular state changes in pancreatic cancer

Ben Schumann

Group Leader, The Francis Crick Institute - Imperial College London
Chemical Precision Tools to Unravel the Glycoproteome

Daniel Bojar

Assistant Professor, University of Gothenburg
Impossible Today, Obvious Tomorrow: Clarke's Laws in Glycobiology

Elisa Fadda

Associate Professor, University of Southampton
Restoring Protein Glycosylation with GlycoShape

Anne Imberty

Director of Research,
Centre National de la Recherce Scientifique
Lectins and lectomes: From therapeutic targets to synthetic glycobiology

Paula Videira

Co-Founder at CellmAbs & Associate Professor, FCT-NOVA School of Science and Technology, UCIBIO
Glycoimmunology at the Crossroads: Impact of Sialylated Glycan Expression and Recognition in Cancer, Immunology, and Rare Disseases

Ratmir Derda

Professor, University of Alberta
From Measurement to Quantitative Prediction of the strength of Protein-Glycan interactions

Charles Gauthier

Professor, Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS)
Total synthesis of microbial glycans: Burkholderia species as a source of inspiration

Roger Linington

Professor, Canada Research Chair High-Throughput Screening and Natural Products Discovery
Open-Source Database Development and Applications for Biodiscovery


Frédérique Lisacek

Frédérique Lisacek

Head, Proteome Informatics Group, Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics. Senior Lecturer, University of Geneva

Yan Liu

Head, Carbohydrate Microarray Facility - Imperial College London

Akul Mehta

Staff Scientist and Instructor, National Center for Functional Glycomics BIDMC, Harvard Medical School
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