Keynote Speakers

Banquet Keynote

Cara Tannenbaum

The Sweet Side of Sex: Why Sex Matters in Glycobiology
Scientific Director, Institute of Gender and Health, Canadian Institutes of Health Research and Departmental Science Advisor, Health Canada

Keynote Speakers

Josef Penninger

ACE2 and Spike Glycosylation
Professor, Medical Genetics, University of British Columbia

Kirk Bergstrom

Holistic Glycoscience: Combining the power of preclinical models of glycosylation deficiencies with glycomics to interrogate the biologic functions of glycans and their defects in chronic diseases
Assistant Professor, Biology, University of British Columbia Okanagan
David Jakeman

David Jakeman

Rhamnose Biosynthesis as an Antibacterial Target
Professor, Chemistry, Dalhousie University

Janelle Sauvageau

The Applications of Carbohydrate Chemistry to Vaccines and Adjuvants
Research Officer, Human Health Therapeutics, National Research Council Canada

Meghan Azad

7 Years of Human Milk Oligosaccharide Research in the CHILD Cohort: What have we learned and what’s up next?
Associate Professor, Immunology, Community Health Sciences, Pediatrics and Child Health, University of Manitoba
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